Single cycle, five-year degree course in Restoration

Since 2012/2013 the Academy issues the five-year single-cycle academic diploma in Restoration for the PFP1 and PFP2 training profiles.

School of Restoration Coordinator 

Massimiliano Valdinoci


PFP2 – single-cycle


The objective of the single-cycle, five-year study courses that make up the vocational training path – profile 1, identified in attachment B of Ministerial Decree no. 87/2009, is to provide a Restorer of Cultural Heritage with specific skills in the restoration of artefacts in stone, marble, hard stones and stone and mineral derivatives, including plaster and stucco, as well as all surfaces (walls and floors), decorated with mosaics and painted (frescos and other types of painting applied to walls and plaster).

1ABAV03Drawing for Restoration660
 ABVPA61Cultural and Environmental Heritage6 
 ABPR31Photography for Cultural Heritage6 
 ABPR29Elements of Chemistry applied to Restoration6 
 ABPR29Elements of Physics applied to Restoration6 
 ABPR73Marble and Semiprecious Stone Techniques for Restoration8 
 ABTEC39Information Technology Basics4 
 ABST47History of Ancient Art6 
 ABST47History of Medieval Art6 
 ABST49Theory and History of Restoration6 
2ABLE70Cultural Heritage Legislation4 60
 ABPR16Drawing and Relief of Cultural Heritage4 
 ABPR29Elements of Biology applied to Restoration6 
 ABPR25Restoration of Stone Materials12 
 ABPR75Techniques of Mosaic and Stone Surfaces for Restoration8 
 ABPR72Techniques of Painted Murals for Restoration8 
 ABTEC39Information Technology for Restoration4 
 ABTEC41Techniques of Digital Modelling for Restoration4 
 ABST47History of Modern Art6 
 ABPR30Materials Technology for Restoration4 
3ABPR74Moulding techniques for Restoration660
 ABPR29Chemistry applied to Restoration6 
 ABPR26Restoration of Plasters and Stucco 110 
 ABPR24Restoration of Mural Paintings 112 
 ABST47History of Contemporary Art6 
 ABLE70Construction Site Safety Legislation4 
 ABST50History of Architecture6 
 ABLIN71English for Artistic Communication 14 
4ABPR29Diagnostic Techniques and Technologies 1660
 ABST49Contemporary Art Conservation Issues6 
 ABPR25Restoration of Stone Materials8 
 ABPR26Restoration of Plasters and Stucco 28 
 ABPR26Restoration of Mosaics and Stone Surfaces8 
 ABPR24Restoration of Mural Paintings 28 
 ABVPA61Transport Methods for Works of Art4 
  Elective activities6 
5ABLIN71English for Artistic Communication 2460
 ABPR29Diagnostic Techniques and Technologies 26 
 ABPR24Restoration of Contemporary Mural Paintings10 
 ABPC67Information for Art: Means and Methods6 
  Elective activities10 
  Final project12