Method for collecting the original Degrees and for the issuing of Degree certificates

The original degrees (on parchment) and the degree certificates can be collected from the Academic Office during the times laid down link help-desk

It is currently possible to collect only those degrees attained in the academic years indicated below; the website will be updated when the Education Ministry provide the new parchments.

Notice is given that the degree parchment cannot be sent via post, since it is a unique document and cannot be reproduced. Those unable to come and collect it in person may delegate someone by filling in the appropriate proxy form and attaching photocopies of the identity documents.

Students from abroad are advised to send an email to or gessica.sartori@accademiabelleartiverona. to confirm the availability of the degree, before setting up an appointment for collection.

Degree certificates, on the other hand, are available a few days after the thesis discussion and can be issued immediately.

A supplementary degree certificate (available in Italian and English for three-year and two-year courses only) requires the signature of the Teaching Director, and is therefore not released immediately. The certificate does not require stamp duty.

It is currently only possible to collect original degrees (Parchment) attained in the following academic years:


THREE-YEAR (LEVEL I): all, up to and including the Academic Year 2013/2014

TWO-YEAR (LEVEL II): all, up to and including Academic Year 2013/2014

In the event the Degree is collected by someone other than the holder, a written proxy must be presented, accompanied by the identity documents of the graduate and the proxy.

N.B. Notice is given that waiting times to collect degree parchments (or certificates of the original degree) are around 2 years after graduation. Times longer than these are not the responsibility the Academy but are due to the failure to receive the parchment from the Degree Office of the Education Ministry and the State printers.

The degree certificates, on the other hand, are available immediately a few days after the awarding of the qualification.

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