Scenic Art


Learning outcomes

The objective of the study courses of the first level Degree of the School of Scenic Art is to ensure adequate mastery of the methods and artistic techniques, as well as the acquisition of specific disciplinary and professional expertise in order to provide students with knowledge of design and expressive methodologies in the use of instruments of representation and artistic practices with particular reference to theatrical, televisual and cinematographic scenic art, as well as techniques of preparing settings connected to advertising communication and window-dressing.

The School’s courses aim to develop expertise in using the expressive technological tools, traditional and contemporary, involving the use and management of space and the principles of representation.

Graduates of the School’s degree courses must:

1) possess adequate operational-technical training in the methods and contents regarding the fields of scenic art, preparing settings, costumes for shows;
2) possess adequate methodological and critical tools for the acquisition of expertise in expressive languages, techniques and the most advanced technologies;
3) be able to effectively use the English language, in addition to the mother tongue, in the specific field of expertise and to exchange general information;
4) posses sufficient expertise and tools for communicating and managing information, especially digital tools.

Employment prospects

Graduates of the School will conduct professional activities in the various public and private fields of theatrical, cinematographic and televisual scenic art, the preparation of settings, costumes for shows. The Academy will organise, in agreement with public and private organisations, the most appropriate internships and work placements in order to attain the specific professional skills and will additionally define specific educational models for each study course.

Year Code Discipline CFA Total
1 ABPR16 Technical and Project Design 6 60
ABPR32 Costume Design 1 6
ABPR35 Direction 1 6
ABPR22 Scenic Art 1 12
ABPR23 Stagecraft 1 6
ABST55 Anthropology of Arts 6
ABAV03 Drawing 6
ABTEC41 3D Digital Modelling Techniques 6
ABTEC39 Information Technology Basics 4
*Elective training and learning activities 2
2 ABPR15 Interior Design 6 60
ABPR31 Photography 6
ABST47 History of Modern Art 2 6
ABST53 History of Performing Arts 6
ABPR14 Elements of Architecture and Urban Planning 6
ABPR22 Stage Design 2 12
ABPR23 Stagecraft 2 6
ABPR32 Costume Design 2 4
ABPR35 Direction 2 4
ABLIN71 English 4
3 ABST54 History of Music and Musical Theatre 12 60
ABPR47 History of Contemporary Art 6
ABTEC43 / ABVPA64 Digital Video / Preparation of Exhibition Spaces 6
ABTEC40 Multimedia Design 6
ABPR33 Puppetry 4
*Elective training and learning activities 8
*Total amount of credits to be obtained with elective training and learning activities during the three years (seminars, workshops, stage…): 10
Final Project 12