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An “internship” or a training and orientation work placement is a period of training at a company or private or public organisation.

The purpose of an internship is “to undergo experiences alternating between study and work as part of the training process and facilitate career choices by gaining the direct knowledge of the world of work” (article 1, Ministerial Decree 142/’98).
This is the real of a curricular internship, that is, one undertaken by a registered student on a course of studies at the Academy.

In any event, no relationship of employment is established between the employer and the internee.

There is no minimum duration laid down for the internship.
However, the regulations do lay down a maximum duration for internships:
– curricular internships (undertaken by students) can last for a maximum of nine months (Veneto Regional Law no. 3/2009 article 41, paragraph 5);
– extracurricular internships (undertaken by new graduates within 12 months of the degree) can last for a maximum of six months, included any extensions (Law 148/2011 article 11).

Postgraduate or extracurricular internships, undertaken within 12 months of graduation by new graduates not currently registered on any course, are intended to develop professional skills with a view to finding a job.

Article 14, Attachment A of the Regional Council Decree 1324/2013 lays down the obligation on the host company – including public organisations – to pay a participation charge for the internee; the minimum charges is 400 euros gross a month, which can be reduced to 300 gross a month, if payment is required for meals or canteen services.

Internships are conducted on the basis of appropriate agreements, arranged by the Academy, that govern relations between the organisations; the agreements are of a general nature and, once stipulated, remain active and valid for all those registered and newly graduated from the College. A training and orientation plan is also drawn up for each individual internee in order to define the objects and methods of the internship.