For the Accademia di Belle Arti statale di Verona, the Third Mission is the set of activities with which the institution enters into direct contact with society and its socio-economic context, integrating the first mission – to which the teaching activity refers – and the second mission – to which the research activity refers – with activities that foster the transfer and sharing of culture and innovation in the arts, design and restoration.
These are activities addressed to subjects and social groups and characterised by variable and context-dependent modes of interaction, content and form, capable of promoting the economic and social growth of the territory and more generally of creating value for society as a whole.

To ensure quality and the achievement of the Third Mission objectives, the Academy pursues appropriate policies focused on two main axes: the enhancement, not only economic, of knowledge on the one hand; cultural production, aimed at cultural and social growth on the other.

Within the framework of the first axis, the Academy’s two departments of Visual Arts and Design and Applied Arts collaborate each year with companies, organisations and institutions to promote the transfer of knowledge and research. This includes activities aimed at the management of intellectual property and copyright, third-party research, in particular resulting from research-industry relations, and the management of support structures for the job placement of their students in the local economic fabric.
The second axis includes artistic and cultural production activities, which take place through the enhancement of cultural and artistic heritage, promotion and dissemination with open access, lifelong learning, and public engagement.

Third Mission’s Activities and Projects